PX4Flow does not connect to PX4 v1 (PX4 never shows values)

I am currently working on a research project where we want to have several kinds of sensors on a flying platform. The project team has moved to another university, and we struggle currently to get the full setup up and running, namely the PX4Flow camera.

Optical Flow does not work. In QGroundControl I do not see any OPTICALFLOW messages. In MissionPlanner the values “opt_” are all always 0.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup PX4Flow (set parameters, adjust lens, upload most recent firmware)
  2. Connect PX4Flow to PX4 v1 via I2C
  3. Connect PX4 to PC via USB
  4. Open QGroundControl or MissionPlanner
  5. Hold PX4Flow in the correct distance (lens setup) to a surface
  6. See error: No OPTICALFLOW mavlink messages, respective no values do arrive

In QGroundControl I expect to get OPTICALFLOW mavlink messages at some point or in MissionPlanner non-zero values for any of the “opt_” values.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ping? Anybody?

Do we have to give up on pixhawk and find another solution?