PX4FLOW gyro compensation problem

Hi dear all,
Thank you for taking time reading this.
I’m working on the PX4Flow optical flow sensor recently and get quite confused on the gyro compensation part which I wish you guys could give me a hand.
I’m using the firmware here: https://github.com/PX4/Flow and I’ve read from another thread said the gyro compensation is now disabled by default on the px4flow firmware and this part is doing on autopilot . However after I gathered the OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD message and plot out the integrated_x/y value, they seems surprisingly good to me. I’ve uploaded a figure to show this clearly:
I did this test by rolling the px4flow around its lens and you can find that the flow value is quite stable compare to the gyro value. I also check the BFLOW_GYRO_COM and it is the 0 which means the gyro compensation is off. So my question is if the flow value compensated or not? If not, is it normal that the flow value has such a huge difference with the gyro value?
Thanks a lot for your help.


I was interested in knowing PX4 recommend to have gyro compensation on the OpticalFlow board or on the Autopilot (doing by itself) ?