PX4 FLOW not climb after take off


I’m having some issues with the PX4 FLOW sensor. I’ve installed the sensor and connected it to the pixhawk via I2C, I adjusted the focus lens and then configured the “FLOW_FXSCALER” and “FLOW_FYSCALER” using the graphs of the logs.

In Mission Planner “flow_comp_x” and “flow_comp_y” are non zero values. All seems to be ok.

I change to loiter mode, i can take off without GPS but the quadcopter does not climb, it hovers at 1 meter of height. I have middle throttle. I full throttle and it still at 1 meter of height. It does not climb. In stablize mode it flies normal, this just happens when using optical flow flight modes.

I’d appreciate any help, thank you in advance!

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