[Optical Flow] Angle Compensation


I am integrating a new optical flow sensor to the PX4 firmware,
Noticed @mhkabir reply here: Fix gyro compensation. Enable gyro compensation by default. by szobov · Pull Request #110 · PX4/PX4-Flow · GitHub,
I just want to verify, in the ecl-EKF fusion of the optical flow data and noticed the gyro compensation(optflow_fusion.cpp lines 107-108).
Usually the compensation depends on the camera properties(focal_length, width, height etc.) the EKF doesn’t get these parameters from the PX4Flow, i wonder how these values are calculated at the EKF and compensated without these parameters?
Trying to understand if i need to add the angle compensation at the uOrb message, meaning sending the integrated x and y as compensated values to the EKF, or just send the diffs without the compensation.