PX4FLOW doesn't work with Pixhawk 4 on stable 1.8.2 version of px4 firmaware

Hello there!

  • I’ve connected PX4FLOW using I2C to Pixhawk 4. After I opened the QGC->MAVlink Inspector, but OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD topic wasn’t provided. After I’ve tried to start sensor through Mavlink Console, but It doesn’t want to start.

  • After I’ve updated firmware to develop version and PX4FLOW starts working. I haven’t changed any cables nor connectors, so I just updated the firmware.

Is it a normal behavior? PX4FLOW isn’t supported on Pixhawk 4 on current stable 1.8.2 version of firmware, is it?
Also, I’ve tried to connect this sensor to Pixhawk 1 before and it connects on stable firmware.

Thank you.

Could be related to https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/11492 .