PX4 with S8R for quadcopter/drone

Hi , I’m start build up drone using tarot 650 and px4 (H) with receiver s8r ( is for fixed wings) using Sbus port , I don’t wont to cut wire of ese and soldering it with PM so I connect it with FMU PWM in with I/O PWM out in FC, I tested all motors induvial and ese and all its work , radio celebration its work , when connect esc directly with receiver motor working well , but the problem when I do motor test in mission planner message test come also when I tray moving it by TX its clear the ESC its working and give sound but the motors still not working ? so please help me what the problem now ?

If you are using MissionPlanner you are using ArduPilot and should be asking in discuss.ardupilot.org.

OK , THANK you men i will