GPS denied flight over Mavlink


I was wondering as to what would be the easy way to implement GPS denied waypoint navigation (with co-ordinates in local frame with origin being home) on the PixHawk (flu-v2). The default waypoints are GPS based and I wish to avoid that. I have established stable connection over UART with a Raspberry Pi, which is my companion computer. Do I push in the co-ordinates as VisionX, VisionY and VisionZ computed externally? I know the LPE can take input from visual odometry (still working on good odometry from the CV setup). What would be the best approach to achieve this?

At the moment you can fake by setting an origin with LPE (LPE_LAT, LPE_LON)

If you’re interested in a small project we could talk about properly supporting different MAV_FRAMEs for mission items. (search MAV_FRAME).

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@dagar Currently I’ve been faking co-ordinates with LPE_LAT and LPE_LON since the past week. Thanks for your info on the MAV_FRAMES. That solves my problem.