PX4 Vision - Collision Prevention feature seems not to work

Hi there,
we acquired at my lab 2 PX4 Vision development kit and I’m currently discovering the platform.

From the description guide there is a “Collision Prevention” feature that is enabled during “Position Mode” and should avoid the pilot to crash the drone into obstacle (providing a not too high speed).

I tried several time to approach different obstacles (tree, metal plate, chair), I set up the parameter CP_DIST to 5m but it seems it doesn’t really work. The drone doesn’t slide away or triggers any avoidance maneuver.

I don’t know if it is related but when I want to modify this parameter (in QGControl) the value is displayed in red instead of white, does it mean anything ?

Are there other parameters to check, enable, or anything else to check ?

Thanks !

@VincentD Could you share the log of your flights? It is hard to judge what is happening just from your description

do you mean the Telemetry file ? It seems this is the only log file that is automatically recorded at each flight.

If you need something else let me know how to obtain it I’m really just starting with all this environment.


@VincentD No, the flight log: Flight Reporting | PX4 User Guide

It would also help if you already share the log in review.px4.io

Oh okay here is the file. I’ll try to put it on Flight Review but it seems my navigator struggles to access it…

If needed, here is the link to the Flight Review Report. Don’t know why yesterday I couldn’t connect to it.

@VincentD As far as I can see, you have a very brief time (around 8 seconds) that you were in position mode.

Can you confirm that within that 8 seconds that an obstacle was within 5 meters?

Okay that’s weird cause if I remember well I’ve only used Position Mode on this flight…

I will do another flight today using exclusively Position Mode and I’ll update in this post the link for the new flight report and we’ll see what it says.

[EDIT]: here is the new link with the main part of the flight that I’m interested in. @Jaeyoung-Lim

Any news from your analysis of the Flight Report ? Did you see something weird ?
Thanks for your help

@VincentD I noticed that you were using a newer firmware version (v1.12) Did the vehicle come with this firmware?

Nope I upgraded it at the first launch of QGControl as it told me there was a new version, thought it was a good idea to have the most recent version… do you think it can interfere with the obstacle detection feature ?

@VincentD Have you tested the vehicle with the original version?

Nope I didn’t I immediately upgraded the soft, though I don’t really get why it would be a problem…

@VincentD I don’t think PX4 vision was tested with version v1.12

Ok I’ll downgrade to the previous version and I’ll let you know in this topic. But it will be at the end of August as I’m in holidays since Friday.

Hey I’m back from vacations.

So I tried to reflash the PX4 using the USB key that is provided in the kit (custon PX4 by Auterion), but it seems that after the procedure I’m still in version v1.12
And after a test the Collision Prevention is still not working.

Do you know if it’s possible to reflash differently ?

I also tried to find the original version but I can’t find the info on any website, is there a way to find it on this forum ? (I’m also waiting responses from Auterion and the shop I bought the drone to).

Thanks !

Hey @Jaeyoung-Lim do you have any idea where I can find the original PX4 version that is used on the PX4 Vision ? I can’t find the info anywhere…

@VincentD Have you tried contacting holybro?

Yep several times but no answers so far… I just find weird how hard it is to find the right firmware version it should be mentioned in the DevKit documentation.

Hi @Jaeyoung-Lim,

I finally got some answers from Holybro and other people but it seems that the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the firmware version.
Actually since PX4 v1.9 the Avoidance System is fully integrated and should work properly.

I’m wondering if it’s not an issue with the camera maybe, is it possible to take picture with the PX4Vision or is the camero only used for depth mapping ? Because in QGControl it’s not obvious how to trigger the camera for instance so maybe there is a parameter or a procedure to execute to enable the camera properly.

Also what’s weird is that in Position Mode the drone isn’t allowed to take off without the Collision Prevention system, but as mentioned I can fly properly so does this verification check the camera or only the good working of the software on the companion computer ?

As a reminder I had some parameter in QGControl which were enlighten in red as if there was an issue, but I couldn’t find any answer about that. One of this parameter was the distance to obstacle.

Thanks for your help