PX4 v1.10-RC (πŸ‘€ We need your help!)

Community, we need your help getting the release out the door. I wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the v1.10-RC is finally here :tada:.

:point_right: We are looking for community members who can help us test this RC. The code is safe to fly, previous beta releases were tested by both the Dev Team and the Dronecode Flight Test Team.

Please let us know what you think on the Slack #release channel, or drop a comment below.

How to share feedback

Release Notes

Note: You can find the RC in QGroundControl, or you can build yourself from the Git tag, let us know if you can’t find it or need help.


@rroche I am glad to hear about the first release candidate for v1.10

Also, is the β€œPX1” in the title a typo? Shouldn’t it be β€œPX4 v1.10-RC”?

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Totally a typo, thanks for the heads up @krunal2103 :+1:

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Hope this new release will be better and more stable of the previous one 1.9.2 coz issues for every flies

@Dave84 If you are having issues with v1.9.2 please you raise an issue on our tracker, make sure you upload your logs to Flight Review and share a link on your issue report.

Thanks for posting.

For now im not using this px4 platform but i would like use it again.
About the issue traker you gave me… few time ago I’ve posted for an issue /bug… no answer.
There is a firmware version for the fc mro x2.1 777?