PX4 SITL with AirSim and Taranis X9D+2019 as USB Joystick

I’m wondering if anyone had any success with Software-In-The-Loop simulation with AirSim.

I have followed all the AirSim tutorials on setting up SITL with PX4, and I have tried to fly the drone with DroneShell and SimpleFlight as well.

I’m using:

  • Unreal engine 4.18 as specified in the docs
  • Windows 10 with Ubuntu 18.04 Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • PX4 v1.8.2 as it seems that it’s the only version documented & tested with SITL.

I have managed to setup QGroundControl with USB joystick calibration of Taranis X9D+ 2019 as well. Then, I setup my RemoteControlID on the AirSim settings.json as 1, because it shows as the 2nd on the list on the Windows 10 USB Game Controller setup.

However there are a few issues:

  • The model given on the docs is not up-to-date anymore. It always pop up an error Incompatible when I load it to my X9D+ controller. I ended up creating a new model following a tutorial to set this up with FPV simulators such as FPV freerider.

So, is there a good working model for X9D+ with AirSim? I’d like to know a good input calibration (Rud, Thr, Ail, Ele) setup.

  • After I used this model to fly with PX4 SITL, I can takeoff with commander. However there is no response from Joystick commands. It doesn’t show any error regarding Joystick either. Although I noticed that there’s frequent warning of Manual Control Lost if I also run QGroundControl.

  • Using the SimpleFlight to fly shows similar problem. I can fly via API, but there is no movement from joystick. Although it seems that the only working commands are those that move the drone by velocity. All the circle and path movement doesn’t respond with anything.

It seems that flying by HITL with RC transmitter + receiver is the only option to use Taranis controllers now? Does anyone has a successful setup with SITL.

Solved the issue. I figured out it’s because I didn’t assign the PlayerStart to automatically receive input from Player 0 on the LandscapeMountains environment…