Px4 rover tuning help

Hello, I am setting up px4 as a rover for a boat that is powered by two motors in a right thruster/left thruster configuration. I have configured the rover correctly and am using the correct rover airframe (the left wheels/ right wheels option, not the steering option) and everything works fine in manual mode. However, when I set the rover to preform a mission it fails to follow the waypoint correctly. It gets to each way point but it spins around, does loops and dosent follow the path in a straight line. I assume because the default tunning for the rover was based off of a ground vehicle, but i cannot figure out how to change the tuning parameters for a rover. There are guides for copters and vtols but not rovers. Does anyone have any insight?

@micheal_quency Could you provide a log of the vehicle?

In general, you can tune the vehicle using the parameters in gnd-pos-control