PX4 parameter UXRCE_DDS_CFG missing

To connect PX4 (CUAV v5+) with companion computer (rpi) (by following this tutorial Raspberry Pi Companion with Pixhawk | PX4 User Guide) UXRCE_DDS_CFG parameter need to be set to 0. But the parameter is not available in QGround controller.

PX4 version - 1.13.3 (latest stable)

@Thasindu_Wickrama , uXRCE-DDS is available for v1.14 onward. If you want to use v1.13 you have to use microRTPS.

Hello, i use the 3DR Pixhawk 1 Flight Controller. Use QGC upgrate the firmware , the QGC detect the 3DR Pixhawk 1 Flight Controller is FMU_v2,then installed firmware version is PX4 Pro Stable Release v1.14.0. But UXRCE_DDS_CFG is not available in QGC, do you know what’s wrong. thx

Were you able to figure out the parameter?

Having the same problem here. I’m currently using PX4 with firmware version v1.14.2, but was unable to configure the 3DR Pixhawk 1 board to work with the uXRCE. The main problem was that the firmware that I installed using the make px4_fmu-v2_default doesn’t seem to include any uXRCE parameters or that QGroundControl isn’t showing those parameters for some unknown reasons. If anyone knows how to solve this please kindly share your solutions.