PX4 on pure Raspberry Pi and only CAN Bus

Hello everyone, tell me where to start. What configuration to take as a prototype.
I want to make standalone Boat based on PX4.
I want to use pure Raspberry Pi(Zero). On which I have only CAN bus.
Connect all other peripherals of AHRS, GPS, and telemetry, motors via CAN Bus.
I have motor controllers VESC and UCANS32K1SEC.
I would be grateful for any advice.
Thank you.

I looked at the PX4 source code and found PilotPi. Enough to get me started. :slight_smile:
There is no CAN bus in this configuration. I looked at other configurations under Linux.
None of them have CAN bus.
PX4 does not support CAN Bus under Linux?

I did not find support for CAN BUS in SITL either. under Linux it would be fine. I would be able to check all the peripherals right in my Desktop. :frowning: :slight_smile: