Px4/Mro control zero not reading any voltage, power module "not connected" but works fine on ardupilot

Hey! I’m trying to get a vehicle together. One of the last things on my checklist is to get the power working.

I’ve flown this flight controller and power module on ardupilot before and have seen power come out just fine. I’ve gone through the power tab on QGC and have played with the voltage divider parameter - no dice.


I have the battery module connected to these pins on the mRo Control zero as well.

Any ideas?

A thought; Bat1_v_channel is currently set to -1 (board default), is there any way to find if the board default is the pins that i’m connected to? And what values point to which pins?

starting to think this is more of a QGC issue. Looking at the logs, here’s the power graph. Theres proper battery data.