PX4 Flipped in Stabilize

Hey everyone, I’m fairly new to PX4; I had previously used ardupilot extensively. During my initial test flight, my drone took off, presented with some slight wobbles, and then the wobbles grew more severe, until the drone did a complete flip and hit the ground. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to troubleshoot this? I’ve linked the log file.

Some facts:

  1. Flying a hexarotor with a Pixhawk flight controller
  2. I made sure all of the motors were balanced
  3. The compass had been calibrated and all values appeared in the good range
  4. ESCs had been calibrated
  5. I had previously flown this exact drone configuration with APM and it flew very well, so I’m unsure of what caused such a violent result when using PX4

I would greatly appreciate any insights that the community could give. Thanks.

As a quick followup, it looks like there was a momentous occurrence around the 1:49 mark. I’m not sure what caused it from looking at the logs, so I’m still searching for answers.