PX4 Firmware Compile of px4fmu-v2_default for Pixhawk 1

I have attempted to do a simple re-compile of the PX4 firmware for Pixhawk 1 hardware, in preparation for a custom airframe.

I’ve gotten to the point where the code compiles without issue, both on WSL Ubuntu on windows and a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Under both OS’s, when the code is uploaded, the servos are not disarmed on boot-up and do not work correctly. The pre-compiled version from Qgroundcontrol seems to work without issue. At a loss as to what to try next, as I’ve seen that the PX4 firmware has been allegedly compiled on 18.04 without issue.

I’ve used the convenience scripts for nuttx hardware and followed the instructions to get the correct version of gcc such that it fits on the 1MB flash space on my hardware.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Joe,

You might be experiencing issues on master (which is not stable - only the stable branch and releases are) as part as ongoing efforts to improve the system architecture. You could try this branch:




Appreciate the reminder. Sometimes in haste you forget the simple things! Learning the mixer “ins-n-outs” was taxing enough it seems.

Manged to get rudimentary control on the stable branch, but still exhibit the problem of channel 5 on the main outputs not being disarmed. I saw that it may be addressed in your link, so I will try that next.