Px4 (DroneKIT, Gazebo, SITL) development compatibility ubuntu 16.04

The pixhawk development guide http://dev.px4.io/starting-installing-linux.html guide recommends Ubuntu LTS

This is ubuntu 14.04

Documentation usually lags development leading to inaccurate info for end users and developers so I am not sure if ubuntu 16.04 is supported yet?

Will the px4 installation instructions on http://dev.px4.io/starting-installing-linux.html work in ubuntu 16.04 ?
Will DroneKIT, DroneKIT SITL, and Gazebo SITL work on ubuntu 16.04 ?

The installation instructions all recommend ubuntu 14.04 or ubuntu LTS

Thanks kindly.

The inaccuracy is intended. We always support all “reasonable” LTS versions. So in this case 14.04 or 16.04. We will phase 14.04 out in half a year or so.

Just to be 100% clear before I update my OS from 14.04 to 16.04.
Px4 development http://dev.px4.io/starting-installing-linux.html for px4 development
dronekit sitl,
gazebo sitl,
apm planner,
qground control)

  1. Which ones are not supported on ubuntu 16.04 from the list above?
  2. Which ones are not supported on ubuntu 14.04 from the list above?

The ubuntu link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS only list ubuntu 14.04 as a LTS.

Thanks kindly

I can only guarantee that all Dronecode related parts work fine on 16.04. I don’t know about APM Planner (nor would I know why you would want to use it since the rest of what you list doesn’t need it / is not compatible).

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Thanks Lorenz. I’ll update from 14.04 to ubuntu 16.04.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to get: dronekit, dronekit-sitl, sitl, px4, ros-gazebo-sitl working on 16.04 this weekend

Here is the DroneCode supported list for any other newbies asking this question.


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That repository list is a bit confusing since some of the projects were Dronecode projects at some point and some of these never were. So at least right now its not a good reference and only adds confusion. Thanks for pointing that out.