PX4 Dev Call: September 01, 2021

September 01, 2021

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Community Q&A

  • @Roman MAVLink question: Could we extend mission items to more than 7 total parameters. Currently we have 3 parameters reserved for 3D position and 4 left for custom use. His goal is to add features to rally points like defining a minimum altitude and possible obstacles close to the specified landing point.

    The design of the mission state machine is based on the reduced instruction set idea. This means it’s the idea that more complicated actions get broken down into a lot of actions/mission items. We still need to preserve the context of the higher-level action. How about adding a MAVLink message that describes the details. It could be drafted and tinkered around during development but still needs to be clearly defined for final use. It’s undesirable to cram different data/types into the 7 parameters. We have to be careful changing the entire protocol because it breaks a lot of existing implementations.

    Nesting/grouping/hierarchy of the mission items could help with at least part of the problem. Here’s a pull request suggesting something like that:

To prototype these MAVLink changes we should have a more simple way

  • Vtsal Joshi: What’s the difference between PWM output, input capture (for camera trigger timing), PWM input. He’s working on RB2040 support and doesn’t have the same functionality available compoared to an STM32.

    Focus on the PWM output functionality possibly DSHOT. The input features are far less popular and useful in comparison. The output functions are used in almost every drone to interface with actuators.

  • Thomas Debrunner: Introducing himself working for 2 weeks now at Auterion, APX4 team. He’s diving into the code and will be in the scene contributing.


Discussion based on board: Roadmap · GitHub

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: High-Priority Queue · GitHub


In-Depth discussions

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

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