PX4 Dev Call: October 20, 2021

October 20, 2021

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  • Community Q&A
  • Roadmap
  • High priority queue
  • Release
  • In-Depth discussions

Community Q&A / Updates

  • Blackdevil wants to use https://www.robosense.ai/en/rslidar/RS-LiDAR-16 for video streaming to the ground station and obstacle avoidance.

  • Vatsal Joshi RPi microcontroller support on master. Every peripheral tested is now working. It just has to be rebased on latest master and finally reviewed. There is no off the shelf flight controller with the RPi microcontroller, it was tested with the RPi pico and manually sensors and outputs hooked up. Once a board exists that can be taken care of in a separate pull request.



Discussion based on board: Roadmap · GitHub

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: High-Priority Queue · GitHub


In-Depth discussions

  • Dev call content suggestion:
    • Community Q&A with all possible types of questions
    • Project updates, possibility to discuss what you’re working on, not put anyone on the spot, main goal to spark discussions.
    • High priority queue, go through but remove everything that is neither worked on nor discussed at the moment.
    • In-depth discussions for everything that was not covered, takes longer and possibly is only interesting for a small group.

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