PX4 Dev Call: October 06, 2021

October 06, 2021

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Community Q&A

  • @dagar Various boards are at the flash limit now. For bigger changes he always has to hunt to save memory. We need to have a pass over the airframes and sort out the deprecated ones. Also we need a better way to configure the builds for core functionality compared to experimental, nice to have, testing features.

  • @bresch Enabled the use of dynamic control allocation with the the original normalized rate controller: ControlAllocation: normalize control allocation matrix by bresch · Pull Request #18368 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub We should consolidate the two rate controllers to avoid duplication.

  • @maetugr Annoying land detection bug fixed: Multicopter Altitude/Position mode: Fix land redetection issue by MaEtUgR · Pull Request #18345 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

  • @sfuhrer Added pull requests for various VTOL fixes for RTL and transition that together make quite a difference in user experience.

  • @JulianOes When do we switch matrix? There was no time to transition because of the dev summit but now it will be continued and the important channels set up. The reason for this is that it’s hard to get people on slack because they have to be manually invited.

  • @mwbb Question about the “speed rudder” sensor for distance and airspeed connecting over UART. There’s an application supporting it now but it has to be manually started through the MAVLink shell. Should we make it accessible by a parameter that enables the sensor on boot?


Discussion based on board: Roadmap · GitHub

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: High-Priority Queue · GitHub


In-Depth discussions

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

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