PX4 Dev Call: March 02, 2022

March 02, 2022

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Community Q&A and Discussions

Upcoming release of the ATL Mantis Edu Drone


  • Will be the first ‘ready to fly’ drone running on PX4.
  • Release expected around March - April
  • Early Adopters will get around 50 units in public

Current Issues

  • Currently having issue in “Preflight checks” issue (sometimes pre-flight checks disappearing from QGC)
  • Imbalanced Propeller issue → to be tuned
  • Optical Flow Measurements are a bit inconsistent (scaling is wrong?)
  • Range Sensors are having error of 1 ~ meters, which is a big difference. Error could be from the Terrain Estimator output of EKF2.
  • Still logging through MAVLink Streaming, through the camera processor.


  • @dagar : High rate logging should be fixed, or else, estimator analysis would be hard.
  • Issue created on Github for tracking Mantis Edu issues.

SBF (Septentrio Binary Format), GPS Message format integration into PX4

Release schedule?

  • dagar : How about doing the Beta Release?
  • NuttX → @david_s5 : There’s been a lot of revisions (e.g. Task switching, stack management, etc.). Not a lot of driver developments.

Reboot / EKF2 reset via RC command

Hi All, Is there a way to assign one of the radio channels to perform a full system reboot or EKF2 restart ?

  • Currently in testing setup, because of high accelerometer bias, etc, the EKF2 needs reset. But needs QGC, which is cumbersome.
  • dagar : Shouldn’t existing logic handle the ‘picked up by user and moved by hand’ covariance error?
  • @Ahmed_Elsafy : Without alarms, etc, it’s hard to figure out in the field whether the system needs a restart or not.
  • @rroche & dagar : Would be better to figure out what happend, via observing the logs. Can be fixable without this new RC control feature.
  • dagar : Home position is reset when changing from landing mode to airmode?

Speed Limiter via RC Switch activation

Hey Hi I’m jorge and I’m relatively new to the world of px4.
I am planning to implement a speed limiter, activating a switc of the rc transmitter. maybe you could give me some tips to start with this task and which would be the best way to start.

  • By Jorge
  • Thomas : Currently performed max speed setting tests.
  • dagar : Question is, how to expose that setting to MAVLink? / to the User?
  • Currently interested in : 1 m/s maximum speed mode &
  • potaito : Maybe program a module, where it changes the vehicle’s “Parameter” to constrain the velocity.
  • Discuss with @MaEtUgR later about the parameter settings

Runway takeoff logic on the fixed wing

  • @tstastny : Wheel control / Rudder.
  • dagar : Should be separate. What about checking the ‘albatrass’ airframe?

Coordinated Turn logic

  • Fixed Wing control. Efficiency control, e.g. Rudder control.
  • It’s in the ‘Fixed Wing Attitude controller’
  • Brought up, because this is involved in position control → attitude control pipeline, for fixed wing takeoff case.

Flap control

  • dagar : Flap control in control allocation?
  • tstastny : System Identification and modeling the lifting wing is an idea.
  • Roll control torque and etc, more discussion by @sfuhrer
  • tstastny : Put a wheel controller in the attitude control of a fixed wing?
  • dagar : We should check which vehicles people are using.
  • Fixed Wing steer control & rover control, all related.
  • Taxi-ing feature could be a nice feature to *add
  • dagar : Want to get into landing (fixed wing) as well

QGC Crashing issue

  • By David
  • Fix PR has been pushed today

Project Updates

Updates from the team

High priority queue

Discussion based on board : https://github.com/orgs/PX4/projects/24

MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF drone weird behavior issue

  • @mcsauder : Can’t figure out where take-off altitude is being translated into position setpoint triplet


In-Depth discussions

  • HolyBro CAN GPS

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

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