PX4 Dev Call: February 02, 2022

February 02, 2022

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Community Q&A

  • @mcsauder : Asking about Add geofence buffer zone, (i.e. inner geofence), with associated gf action by mcsauder · Pull Request #19112 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub
    Strings should be sent directly instead of first assembled via snprintf.

  • Vincent W: Is there a way to stop a multicopter from slowing down for each waypoint (i.e. continue through with constant/near-constant velocity)? Is there a parameter that can be configured? If not, how would we go about adding the feature - if it’s possible?

    The current implementation is continuing at a high speed when the path goes straight through the waypoint. But when the vehicle has to take a corner it needs to slow down such that the acceleration around the corner stays feasible. If you increase the acceptance radius the corner radius gets larger and it goes faster.

    Yeah the main issue is it seems to be slowing down even on basically straight paths.

    We are not aware of this not working. Please open an issue with a log such that we can investigate.

    Sure I’ll open an issue, do some testing to make sure it’s not my end.

  • Thomas Stastny: Has the idea to generalize a feasibility model for attitude setpoints. Such that optionally the attitude setpoints going to the controller could run through a reference model or be filtered.

    We’re trying to not by default filter all the setpoints because it very often limits the possibilities. But to enable it as an opt-in feature and logging the setpoint before and after could be useful for some use cases where the setpoint source can not be expected to generate feasible output. There is already an optional filter for stick-based flying in Stabilized/Manual/Altitude mode.

  • SZ: Has been experiencing the same problem as Cube Orange: parameters reset to default values · Issue #16389 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub
    Cube Orange randomly loses all parameters after/before flight, on 1.12.3). Has anybody ever been able to reliably reproduce the problem? Unfortunately we can’t make it happen anymore, although we did not change the system in any way. We would like to be able to reproduce the problem in order to make sure that the upcoming PX4 release fixes the problem.

    Please check if it’s reproducible on master. There was a fix for exactly such issues since 1.12. If it still happens please open an issue with as much information as possible to reproduce. We never had a reliable way to reproduce the issue but it did not happen anymore after the fix.

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