PX4 Dev Call: December 02, 2020

December 02, 2020


  • Status update by component/project
  • Roadmap, and Release discussion
  • Community Q&A
  • In-Depth discussions

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This is the 3rd last dev call in 2020.

Component update

System Architecture

MTD architecture change introduced before. @david_s5 wants to talk through if we want to get it in. Bugs should be fixed. It might not fit flash.
Should we make fmu-v2 multicopter only, strip down px4io flash space?

Network manager dynamically configurable. Needs the pr just above for the separate parameter partition and will be rebased.

OS / NuttX

Apache team will release 10.0.0 soon. We have to discuss if we want to switch to the release, keep up with master or stay for now. It’s in voting.

New boardsupport for Gumstix fmu-v6 board. It’s not exactly the same as a Pixhawk 4 in terms of connectors but it has standard JST-GH pixhawk pining for external GPS, mag, …

New boardsupport for Pixracer Pro (H7 chip, not following fmu standard strictly)

Changes for new revision of NXP board


No updates


Events interface :rocket: Rearchitecture improving checks and communication to the ground station
@bkueng is open to review and likes to discuss version compatibility with the ground station QGC

  • Are calibration messages events? It’s a stretch but possible for that particular case.
  • Are the events in PX4 or in a submodule? Most of them are in PX4 and for a two-sided protocol like calibration would go into the submodule.
  • Should libevents go under the MAVLink org? It could but it’s in principle independent of MAVLink
  • What’s the user experience difference? Instead of sending a MAVLink string message, you can send a whole set of parameters with the event to point the user to errors, documentation, parameters, … The example in the pr’s description shows it well.
  • Localization? Possible, not finished in the first version but the json can be translated on a server and QGC can use that then depending on the language.
  • Versioning? It’s designed to work with a master version of definition and event IDs and names should be backwards compatible.
  • Adding custom events downstream? Need to be hosted separately or live in flash. There should be a per version and per target metadata on the server.
  • How many events are there? 32 Bit, will last a while

Reevaluating RC when validity bit change

Commander low priority thread is finally gone, there is a calibration thread but it does not need to have access to a static shared vehicle_status anymore :tada:

Small logic change when takeoff is complete it switches to

If you start your vehicle without RC and have a GPS lock it switches to Hold/Loiter (home position is no requirement)

RC switch debouncing on hold because of not enough flash


No updates


No updates

Fixed Wing

No updates


@Pedro-Roque Started discussion to have the modular option to run custom controllers but have the existing PX4 controllers take over if anything bad happens.

Breaking out flight tasks into a separate flight_mode_manager module is the first step to have an implementation per mode with that architecture independent of the vehicle type.


Rover takeoff is fixed and hence missions on rover work again.

@bperseghetti Uploaded the CAD files for his open reference rover design for simulation and real-world model builds. It works in real world, there’s a BOM with recommended parts without affiliation. Total build cost with all features and recommended parts is <700$ and hence orders of magnitude cheaper than off the shelf solutions. If you buy all the parts including the allen wrench and Philips head screwdriver you can put it together without any soldering. Note: The release section of the repo contains the large files.


No updates


No updates


No updates


There was some change required in serializing the datatypes to optimize for lowest bandwidth consumption. Review and documentation is still needed.

Example to directly use PX4 offboard from ROS2, works as expected, can still be improved


There’s new support on legacy UAVCAN 0.9 for safety buttons and buzzer and LED. So the full GPS module use case is done by CUAV.

Jacob Carbill wants to discuss what comes next in UAVCAN 1.0 integration. There’s a dedicated call and the next on is next week. See https://www.dronecode.org/calendar/

Hardware Workgroups


Need for 1.12 release with events interface and multi-ekf. What’s the stability state of master? We can tag a 1.12 alpha and start release testing. We need to go through typical hardware setups because there was some feedback on the 1.11 release with hardware support issues.

Please use master and make sure to report the issues you face with your hardware and perspective!

Community Q&A

  • @compasi Needs review on his pr to enable the tilted camera to save survey rows because of larger fov. The MAVLink message was accepted. It was tested in simulation, video and log would help.
  • Mark S: Flew master just days ago (good feedback) and converted logs from ulg to csv and is wondering about how to get Euler angles from the logged quaternions. Should we enable euler angle conversion when converting ulgs in the Python library?

In-Depth discussions

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if we failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates (not present here), or you have feedback you would like to share with the dev-team.

I would appreciate if we could add this PR to the dev-call:

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