PX4 Dev Call: April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021

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Release 1.12 beta 3 was tagged yesterday

  • Holybro reported Durandal board has problems on magnetometer calibration, stackoverflow issue?
  • JFYI There are a lot of airframe configuration changes because of the new parameter default configuration.
  • CubeOrange bugfixes went in for the latest Beta

Please test the beta and post your logs.

Community Q&A

  • Anthony: Is it possible to put a breakpoint in SITL gazebo?
    Thanks to lockstep you can put a breakpoint in SITL and gazebo keeps on waiting and doesn’t know PX4 is paused until the simulation continues.
    “It will not take the next action but for me for example I have a telemetry action”
    Assuming you want to interact with PX4 using MAVSDK while it’s at a break point that will not work.
    If there’s anything specific not working? If yes let’s capture it in an issue and follow up.

  • @JulianOes : Checked on release test flights and saw in the logs that it writes an old release.
    Farhang noticed this issue as well. Let’s verify with the latest tag now and make sure it works.

  • @MaEtUgR : jMAVSim still oscillating, we didn’t do the tuning change. D-term cutoff needs to be increased higher than general gyro cutoff. SITL jMAVsim oscillates in pitch · Issue #17006 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

  • Check how high the general cutoff needs to be for it to work.

  • Check if the issue is also there in acro, stabilized

  • John Clayton: Asking VTOL questions about a Convergence setup. Pointers to further discussion on #vtol slack channel: https://px4.slack.com/archives/C60QQ6TJA/p1618414716022100

  • Eohan: Wants to produce a smart battery and have a driver to integrate with them. How should the information be published for multiple batteries. He’d want to test to get all important information on the ground station.
    You need to publish multiple instances of uORB topic battery_status. We need to start at your requirements and see if all parameters are there. If you could post your draft driver on GitHub. We can provide an example for multiple topic publishing.

  • Farhang: Still sees issues with his test setup. E.g. when he does an RTL with the very high vibration setup the drone doesn’t descend properly at the end.
    Discussion about experimentation to stop fusing accelerometer in the EKF2 when it’s detected to be unusable. This would allow to inform the user that something is wrong and land safely.

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