PX4 Dev Call: May 06, 2020

May 06, 2020


  • Status update by component/project
  • Roadmap, and Release discussion
  • Community Q&A
  • In-Depth discussions

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Call in using your phone, find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aetSYKbiMF

Component update

Flight Testing

No new test team yet.

System Architecture

No updates

OS / NuttX


from @bkueng:

bmm150 improvements:

new driver for lis2mdl:


Core improvements in regard to power, shutdown, reboot:


Main release blocking issue:


Gazebo doesn’t publish airspeed data for ~1.5 seconds. Delaying airspeed data processing. How about we just wait for it but arm checks would fail in the mean time without any error message?

This should be rebased, remove the confidence in commander and merged:

Two new parameters for the battery meant to allow further functionality e.g. in the ground station to predict how big your mission can be… Parameters that are not used are not even sent to the ground station. There needs to be a param_find using them within PX4 such that they are synced.

Is it ready to merge? Could it interfere with certain people’s AUX pin setups e.g. gimbals, camera triggering? What’s the use case? It might break more use cases because of the mentioned points than it enables. It would be nice if we could dynamically configure these outputs with the new control allocation.

Fixed Wing

No updates


@MaEtUgR Default for horizontal slow down close to home altitude not expected/intuitive?


Code generation of the C++ side is till the main topic. Close to finish and a release possibly this week. Next up is improving the python language bindings.


No updates



  • DSL15 drone communication standard document is still being finished. A set of messages UAVCAN for drones are standardized and verified.

  • Libcanard v1 for STM32 work ongoing.


No updates


A differential rover has been added since we know the proper license of the 3D model now and it’s permissive.

Roll, pitch, yawrate testing is running now

But there’s intermittent failure cases in SITL testing CI

  • MAVSDK sometimes fails to connect to PX4 @JulianOes
  • Sometimes it disarms on auto takeoff because the thrust goes down again @MaEtUgR

These issues are hard to reproduce locally but when they happen we should not tolerate them because they are real corner case race conditions.

Roadmap, and Release discussion

We marked the main blocker in the Estimator update section above. Further community testing is welcome. Please flash the latest beta and report good or bad flights with logs on slack release channel, GitHub issues or in the forum. We’ll cut the next beta soon since a lot of issues were fixed in the meantime.

Developer summit

There was a pre-announcement of the PX4 Developer Summit LIVE on the dev call, no info will be shared online until the event is officially announced. Sorry if you missed it, we promise to publish all the event information soon.

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.