PX4 Crash - HolyBro X500 - First drone build

Could you help me ? I think I have a similar problem than that but I don’t succeed in an great analysis… I am also flying with a Holybro X500…

Here my log : Log X500 near crash

Thank you !!

Hi @Gregoire_Dupre1,
As both baro and GPS altitude seem to agree but the estimate diverges, this tells us that the issue is most likely due to noise integration in the inertial solution.

So a few possible solutions:

  • make sure the motors are aligned properly or tilted in the right direction (i.e: thrust creates more yaw authority). I can see in you log that the drone is constantly fighting for yaw (actuator controls plot).
  • reduce the vibration levels (balance propellers, make sure nothing is loose, …).
  • upgrade to the latest PX4 release. We had some good improvements on the estimator in v1.11

Good luck!