Problems with Holybro X500 in mission mode

Hello everyone,

I am using the ready to flight kit of X500 by holybro and I have some problems when I switch to mission mode.
First, I would to say that all is perfect in manual mode : no oscillations. Just a little derivation I can’t explain… I think that my PID tuning is fine (I am using the default given with Holybro S500 Airframe Reference)

Than, I would to try to do a fully automatic fly with QGC. My plan is good but on a transects the drone is losing altitude (on the verge to crash if I don’t switch back to Manual flight mode). Moreover, Position mode seems to be bizarre with a lot of derivation, a yaw deviation and some oscillations on the tilt…

I send you two different logs : the first is the problem I describe, the second is a test in position mode.

Thank you in advance for your help !

log 1
log 2

Partially answered here: PX4 Crash - HolyBro X500 - First drone build - #23 by bresch

Also, this isn’t great: the drone is tail heavy and constantly fights for yaw (this creates a lot of vibrations). You need to move the battery forward and to align or tilt the motors to get those signals more centered around zero.

Thanks a lot ! All modification makes my drone fly better as I expected.

The mission log : Mission flight perfeeeeeeect

Glad to hear that!
I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with your x500.