PX4 Build Code

Can anyone explain me what does this line

Internal SPI (auto detect ms5611 or ms5607)

if ! ms5611 -T 5607 -q -s -b 1 start
ms5611 -s -b 1 start

mean in [PX4-Autopilot/boards/px4/fmu-v3/init/rc.board_sensors at 23a41299fa02e69e0445ef245b9409f787c91724 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub] , Its basicallt a file from initiakizing the sensors but I didnt got what does the letter “T” -q and R means in these files.

-q is for quiet, so no errors if it’s not found.
-R for rotation, but I don’t see -R here because that’s a baro.

Thanks for your reply, Is there any documentation or any format this letters are taken from so I can follow? Coz there are still letters such as -T and mpu9250 -s -b 4 -R 10 so here I got untill spi bus 4, rotation… but still not got the “10” what will that mean. Again thanks in advance.

Good question :thinking:

Rotation 10 is this one:

Looks like the list is here as well: