The Log Analysis

Recently I am doing log analysis to tune control parameters more effective. I am confused by the variable names in the log. For example,I dont know the difference between the “ATT” and “ATTC”. Can anyone give me an explanation about what the names mean specificly? Thank you! The names are below.

Unfortunately the best documentation for this is “read the code”.

However, the next stable release of PX4 will switch to the new logger by default so I would recommend you get comfortable with that logging format instead. The new logger logs uORB messages directly.

More info here

Another useful resource is

But in short,

ATT stands for ATTITUDE (euler angles and body angular rates)
ATTC stands for ATTITUDECONTROL, this is the output from the autopilot fw/mc
ATSP stands for ATTITUDESETPOINT, this is the internal setpoint values from the autopilot fw/mc