PX4 and Cube Orange +

Hi there

I’m trying to install PX4 on my cube orange+ but all the time I have this error

Someone could help me?

Have you tried with latest QGC daily builds?

Yes I’ve downloaded the last stable release… But nothing…

Tomorrow I try daily release

done… daily release nothing

and same test with only the cube… nothing

Ok, thanks for checking. I will give this a try later today as well.

And is this on Linux or Windows or macOS?

Oh sorry, CubeOrange+ is not released in stable yet, so you need to use a build from the main branch.

You have to either build yourself, or download the .px4 file from a recent GitHub Action build, such as this:

You then download the px4_package_cubepilot_cubeorangeplus.zip file and then flash the .px4 file in _default.

Why do we require a separate CUBE ORANGE PLUS version for a PX4 firmware ? Isn’t the architecture of CUBE ORANGE similar to CUBE ORANGE PLUS other than some additional ports if any …

Nope, it’s different. It’s a different STM32H7 chip and requires some commits in NuttX as well, plus different sensor drivers.

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