Custom firmware for Cube orange

Hi everyone,
I am trying to build a custom firmware for Cube Orange (after being unable to upload regular firmware from QGC).

I followed all instructions and tried building a code, however I can’t find “make” command for Cube Orange. On this page Building the Code · PX4 Developer Guide I see * Cube Orange: make hex_cube-orange as a command, however nothing happens. I tried other commands and it builds the file.

Is Cube Orange supported at the moment? The problem I am facing is the following Cube Orange can't load px4 via QGC - Cube Autopilot - Cubepilot
Bootloader Issues with QGroundControl - #21 by DonLakeFlyer - Cube Autopilot - Cubepilot
Cube Orange PX4 switch fails with "Unable to find specified firmware for board type" · Issue #9215 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

This: will fix the firmware not found error. But that doesn’t quite seem to be the problem you are having. That seems more like a driver problem. Try uninstalling all the PX4 UAV drivers and then reinstall daily to get the drivers installed again.

Depending on what commit of PX4 you’re using, the initial implementation place the Orange Cube board config at hex/cube-orange, but it is now (at the request of Phillip) renamed to cubepilot/cubeorange. So try make cubepilot_cubeorange. You can see all supported targets under the boards/ folder.

Hi, thanks a lot for your comment.

I tried as you suggested, however following issue occurred.

Bootloader firmware build

Any ideas?

I think you’ll need to find someone who does Windows development to assist you further. Looks like an error with the toolchain.

Ok thanks, will try on another device as well.