Problem with Wiring diagram for Quadrotor X tailsitter

I’m working on VTOL configuration,Quadrotor X tailsitter but I don’t know where to find wiring diagram. I did the quadrotor part already and it can hovering like a quadrotor. The problem is I try to put left and right servo in to main5 and main6 but only main6 got signal out for control the control surface. Does this problem come with firmware or this from my pixhawk board?


which mixer does your configuration use?

I’m new for px4, I selected from Airframe config

Where did you find the documentation for PWM outputs for that airframe? I don’t see it on

Well, I guess from the config of general X multicopter and I wiring to the same of output from pixhawk board. For the ailevon of flying wing, I did the same config from Duo tailsitter, it say main5 and main6 for Left and Right control surface.
All from guess work. I hope someone here can point me out the right setup. I stuck with this problem for a while.

If you can determine which mixer is being loaded, you can look at it to see which controls are being mixed into which PWM outputs. The startup messages on the console will tell you which mixer is loaded.

Hi, I had the same problem and found there is an error in the mixer code. If you use output Main 6 and Main 7 it will fix your problem.