Wiring Pixhawk mini with X-UAV talon


I’m attempting to integrate a pixhawk mini with am XUAV talon airframe for a university funded project. I’m relatively new to Pixhawk, and I’m having issues with wiring and setting up my new Pixhawk mini with my X-UAV talon airframe.

First, qgroundcontrol does not have a profile specifically for the XUAV talon’s vtail setup, so I think I have to do the mixing manually, is there a better way??

The talon has 4 seperate servos, left and right aileron, and left and right v-tail rudder. I know that channel pin out #3 is for throttle, but aside from that are there specific places that I need to plug servos in on the PMW board, or do I configure that manually?

The talon looks like this.

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Here’s a mixer with V-Tail - https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers/AAVVTWFF.main.mix

where i can find info about mixing, how i can import the v-tail mixing to my airframe?
thank you in advance

Mixer documentation is here. https://dev.px4.io/en/concept/mixing.html

Once you have a basic understanding of the mixers take a look at this example. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/mixers/AAVVTWFF.main.mix#L32-L47
V-Tail simply mixes pitch (1) and yaw (2) to each control surface.

Is this mixer any different that the a-tail?

Nope, it’s the same tail mixing.

Hi i have the same problem with the new pixhawk 4 on my mini talon so do i select the A-tail icon to get started then later induce the mixing i’m also new, lol any videos on this matter,Thank you for any help Please

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v-tail is an a-tail up side down , using info. from DAGAR,and PAAN2097. I selected the A-TAIL ICON in qground control for my V-TAIL MINI TALON,using my QX7 TARANIS transmitter I quick press menu model set up page up to 7/12 OUTPUTS scroll down to ch 2 select edit select scroll down to direction select INV- for inverted DO the same for CH 4 . hopefully your radio has been already mixed Ail with RUD, and RUD ELV. should look like this CH1 100 I Thr, CH2 100 I Ail, CH3 50 I Ele += 50 I Rud, CH4 -50 I Rud + = 50 I Ele for your mixer. THIS was the easiest way for me, Just tyring to say put your frown up side down. hope I was able to help.

Somebody may need to clarify this for me as I don’t have Pixhawk I setup available, but actually, you don’t need to have the Rudder and Elevator mix done in the Tx. The FC (and firmware) takes care of that. You just need to make sure you plug the appropriate servos to the correct MAIN3 and MAIN4 ports.

Good luck.

THANKS you for that You can check out PAINLESS 360 is were I got the mixing from. like I said it was easy for me to just reverse Ele ch2 and rud ch4,

Yes, I’m familiar with the video. I espouse the single-point management concept. Keep everything in normal positions with the Tx and let the flight controller/firmware perform all functions. For me, it helps isolating issues during any required diagnosis if something doesn’t work right.

Good luck.