Problem using mobotix MB1222 I2CXL-MaxSonar-EZ2 on pixhawk 4


We are trying to use a mobotix MB1222 I2CXL-MaxSonar-EZ2 on our pixhawk 4 and have attached it to the i2ca port and have set the SENS_EN_MB12XX parameter to true.
We checked the wiring and it is correct.

We however don’t see the distance sensor when using the analyze tool.
When running mb12xx info on the mavlink console we get the error driver poll restart failed
When running mb12xx test on the mavlink console we get the error /dev/mb12xx open failed.
We tried to to a mb12xx start on the mavlink console but running test and info still give the same errors.
On the pixhawk we run the latest stable firmware release of px4 (1.9.2.).

What are we overlooking?

Best regards

Hello Garuda,

Is sensor the only Hardware connected to Pixhawk through I2C?


Yes it is the only sensor connected to the i2c.

We did also test with a TeraRanger earlier. That worked.
Before we plugged in the mobotix we did disable the SENS_EN_TRANGER