Presenting Linnet Mosaic-X5 - Multi-Band RTK Module


I am very pleased to present the finalized project our small design office worked on: Linnet Mosaic-X5, a Multi-Band RTK Module equipped with a multi-constellation GNSS receiver by Septentrio.

With Linnet, users can achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy with RTK and navigate in areas with poor coverage. Its high level of precision lends itself perfectly to UAV applications.

This module is made in France, we are based in Erstein.

Mosaic-X5 is a 448-channel all-in-view receiver that supports all GNSS constellations.

Our module ensures optimal performance across different scenarios, leveraging various modern correction service technologies such as RTCM v 3.x, SSR, and PPP.

Linnet Mosaic-X5 boasts a powerful CPU capable of running a full internal web user interface, along with onboard NTRIP for configuration and monitoring via USB.

It supports UART and USB communication modes for added versatility. Besides, it incorporates great resilience features, including anti-jamming protection, anti-spoofing capabilities, and an embedded spectrum analyzer.

Linnet is avaible here: see product page

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading