Preflight errors: ef2 missing data, heading estimate not stable, yaw estimate error

I am trying to simulate an omnicopter in gazebo and when trying to send my arm command

ros2 run offboard_path offboard_ctrl_omni

I get a few errors in the PX4 Autopilot command window

WARN  [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: ekf2 missing data
WARN  [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: heading estimate not stable
WARN  [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: Yaw estimate error

I have tried to use make distclean and also clear the logs, but I have been unable to find a solution. I also tried to play around with QGroundControl to see if anything there could help fix this problem to no avail.