QGC battery sensing

I am using QGC 3.2.4 and pixhawk v2.4. As I use a 3S 11.1V battery to power up my pixhawk, the voltage reading is about 33V. The voltage reading never changes as I turn on my throttle and consume the battery, as if the voltage reading is just a value instead of some active sensor readings. I tried to manually enter the voltage value but that doesn’t change anything.
I do have time-varying current readings as I change my throttle, but I am not sure if the readings are valid since I have problem with the volt readings.

33V is way too far from normal value. Seems you have a faulty hardware - either your Pixhawk voltage sampling circuit broke, or your power module’s voltage sampling resistors not correct. It is not a QGC issue.

Yep it seems that the problem is in the power modules.