Power Architecture for the Cube Orange

Hi all,

I’m designing and building the avionics for a university project and I’ve determined that the Cube Orange + is most suitable for my use case. In terms of hardware I have selected the following:

  • Holybro Airspeed Sensor
  • TBS Crossfire TX RC Radio
  • CUAV P8 Radio for telemetry
  • Here3 for RTK GPS
  • Dronetag’s remote ID

I see in some of the wiring diagrams provided by the CUBE documentation that there are step up and step down modules for powering some components. I’m very confused as to how the power architecture works for my use case. I initially though that all I needed was a power module to change the 12V input voltage from my battery down to a 5.7V input for the CUBE carrier board and then the CUBE carrier board provided power to all the other peripheral hardware plugged into this. Could someone please help clarify this?

Many thanks in advance for any help!!!

Yes, that sounds right. You usually only need a separate 5v BEC to power servos on the servo rail. That’s because servo’s can draw a lot of current and you don’t want the flight controller to shut off when a servo pulls too much. That being said, I would check the specs of the two radios and how much they draw max, to make sure the power module has enough to power them.