Aggressive offboard reactions

Hey guys,

When I am in offboard mode and control the pixhawk (Cube black) via setpoint position commands the drone reacts pretty aggressiv. I have the feeling that it reacts way faster and sharper compared to position mode. That’s probably a good thing because I want the drone react fast to changes but sometimes it would be great if the drone would react smoother. Is there a parameter to control that? I have seen the MPC_POS_MODE parameter but I don’t think that it is active in offboard mode.

Any hints?

Yes, in position mode you get smoother trajectories. The sharp/aggressive reactions to inputs can also be observed when flying manually in altitude mode and they show the real flight capabilities of the drone based on the current pid settings. In my offboard solution I went with custom velocity setpoints instead of position ones. That allowed for slower, less aggressive outputs while still being able to go full tilt when required (e.g. collision avoidance).

Hey, thank you for the hint.

Tbh I have not noticed yet that Alt und Pos modes are different. But you are right, Alt mode is definitely more like stabilized. However, I will use velocity setpoints.