Position hold failure

I am using PixRacer paired with PX4 Flow control. The platform I am using is the Align T-REX 250 with the blade 180 Airframe selected on QGroundControl and the necessary changes made to the mixer files to make it work with the current platform. I need help and guidance with 2 aspects of the flight.

  1. As evident in the graphs in the logs my flight parameters are not set for an accurate flight. I need suggestions and guidance on improving that.

  2. The second issue is that my position hold is not working as it should. How do I trouble shoot?
    As I switched to position hold flight mode, the logs illustrates the system went through altitude mode, then to the position hold. However, in reality none of that actually happened and my helicopter fell to the ground. I do not think its a good idea to try it again without the vehicle getting damage so I am going to wait for someone to help me with it.

The link to the log is: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=7a642e19-f01e-4ef8-a73d-65428235c6f1