Altitude Control of Position Hold and Altitude Hold with Pixhawk 2.1

I have got the new Pixhawk 2.1 and I am applying PX4 in it (with PX4Flow and Lidar).

I have tried the newest stable version. The stabilizing and altitude mode are alright. The altitude mode can achieve rapid motion and holding its altitude. According to “Readme” it does not support Pixhawk 2.1. I guess this is the reason I cannot get into Position Hold, even though I have change to LPE instead of EKF2.

I have also tried the newest master version. It can switch to Position Hold. However, the altitude control of Altitude Hold and Position Hold are terrible. It climbs a lot when I push small amount of throttle. It does not decent when I pull to small amount of throttle. How can I control the altitude better? (the hovering throttle setting is at middle)

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Take a look at the multicopter position control parameters for tuning.

As a start make sure MPC_THR_HOVER matches what you see in the logs. Is MPC_THR_MIN reasonable for your vehicle setup?

If you share a log and describe the issues at specific times I could provide suggestions.