POSCTL Flyaway

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue where when I switch from ATLCTL to POSCTL, my hex either goes full power to the right or left side. The first time this happened, it crashed. The second time, I got smart and held it in the air and switched modes again, it attempted to fly away.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I force it to tilt to the left of level, the right side motors speed up. If I tilt it to the right of level, the left side motors speed up. If you check out the logs, the PWM’s are maxed out when it’s tilted. There is no spot where either the left or right motors are not at 100%.

Another thing that stands out is that there is only a small amount of time where GPS.Alt actually reads something, even though there is GPS lock.

It flies great in manual mode and in ATLCTL mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

*FYI I’m holding the hex in my hand during this log

when you want to use POSCTL you have to had GPS lock, if you dont have it copter dont have reference for position and it is not possible to use POSCTL.

But when system dont hav GPS signal it shut stay in ALTCTl mode, do you have log from real flight not hand held?

If you had a proper position fix, you should check if your compass is calibrated properly

This sounds a little like what happens when you have escs connected in reverse (left switched with right). But since your drone flies properly in ALT CTL mode, perhaps it is the optical flow unit that is backwards, e.g. the sonar is facing towards the rear and the camera forward?

You should check the compass (heading) turning the copter into some direction. It can not hold its position using GPS and compass heading. If you have a good GPS lock and GPS.EPV less then 1 meters, and GPS.J around something 10-35, then u should check compass heading. I couldn’t understand why the left motors speed up when you tilt it to the right. You should check the airframe and mixer also.