Crash while first Take Off

Hey guys I really need help with my hexacopter…

The problem is that it won’t even take off properly. I tried to fly the drone the other day, but shortly after takeoff, about 5cm above the ground, it tilted sharply to the right and kind of flipped over itself, like a clockwise sideways flip. During takeoff, it moved itself back and forth a bit.
The problem is that I can’t explain why at all.

The Pre Arm Check was problem free, it had around 10 satellites and high accuracy. I took off at full throttle in Position mode, thinking that this is where the drone controls itself best, or should I have started in Altitude?

The ground was a dirt road and there was a light breeze (around 10 kmh). I haven’t set the PID values of the drone itself yet, as many from tutorials set it while flying.
I’m also not sure if the center of gravity in the setup as I flew is maybe too high due to the battery on top (but actually the same battery is down again).
Or is there something wrong with the general setup?

Frame Turnigy 680 Pro
13" Carbon Wings
Motor Turnigy 4108 380kv
ESC 40A Hobbywing
Akku Floureon 6S 6200mah 40C
2x Lidar nach Unten und Vorne
Weight : arround 3.5kg now, later: 5.5kg

Thanks for any help


You need to upload the flight log before we can give any good guess about why the drone crashed. Without the flight log my only guess is that it sounds like you might have one of the motors spinning in the wrong direction. But would give way more information if you can give the flight log

Okay, so here the log file:

Thanks for your help!

hmmm, the log file doesn’t show any clear error, which would cause the crash. It seems like the drone moves the opposite way compared to what the roll and pitch controller commands. This indicates that you might have motors wired up wrongly, or you put one/more of the propellers upside down. Otherwise, I don’t really have any good suggestions what could have gone wrong, nothing stands out.

If that doesn’t help and you don’t get your answer on here, I would suggest going to the PX4 discord, there the developers can help you figure out what went wrong.