Pixracer without power modual?

Hello, i am pretty new to building quads and such. i have liked the the look and options that come with the pixracer for some time and want to build my second quad using the pixracer.

the problem is the frame i have has a build in PDB that keeps everything very neat. the frame is the EMAX Nighthawk-X4, http://www.emaxmodel.com/fpv-frame-combo/nighthawk-x/emax-nighthawk-x4.html

am i able to use the pixracer in this frame without making a mess to try and include the power module or skipping the power modual all together?

any help, guide would be greatly appreciated

The claim is that the 5V regulator can supply 3A, so that should be fine to power the Pixracer. You’ll have to make a custom cable, and you won’t have have voltage or current monitoring, but that isn’t a requirement to fly. Adding a voltage divider would not be difficult.