Using Spedix PDB with Pixracer

I’m pretty new to quadcopters, and for my first larger quad, I’ve purchased the Spedix S250 CC3D ARF kit, but I want to use a Pixracer as the FC.

Looking at another topic on the forum, it seems like I can use the Spedix PDB without the Pixracer power module because the Spedix PDB has a regulated 5V output. Please let me know if that is incorrect.

However, I was wondering about getting the power from the Spedix PDB to the Pixracer. On the CC3D board that the kit came with, I can run a 3 pin connector from the PDB to one of the unused ESC plugs (ports 5 or 6) on the flight controller. Is that one way for the Pixracer to receive power from the PDB?

If it would help, I can post a picture of the connector that I am talking about, since I probably have called it the wrong thing.

You’ll need to provide 5V power to the “POWER” connector on the Pixracer. Pinout is on this page:
It’s a 6 pin JST-GH connector with 2 pins each for +5 and GND.

So there’s no way to use the Spedix PDB with the Pixracer?

I think you can but just need to do some wiring work…

@ezra You said the Spedix PDB provided regulated 5V. The webpage I linked to provides the pinout for the power connector, so all you have to do is make up a cable. The Pixracer does not use the servo power rail for avionics power.

Of course, it’s recommended to use a power module like the ACSP5 so that you’ll also have voltage and current monitoring.

Yeah, I’ve decided to use the ACSP5. Thanks for the help guys.