PixHawk4 mini QGC ESC calibration

Hi guys,
i need a clarification. Using QGC to calibrate ESCs , it needed to have transmitter on? For example, using ardupliot, i need to calibrate esc with PWM max - min using trasmitter and battery on-off sequence. Here is the same or is an automatic procedure?
I use a Qav 250 Holybro and FRsky receiver and transmitter.

Thanks in advance

Looks like it’s automatic https://docs.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/advanced_config/esc_calibration.html

I hope so. I’ll try and i’ll post what’s will happen.

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Unfortunately seems that it does not works automatically. I can arm motors but not regulate upper limit and lower limit. So motors do not respond in the right way to transmitter command. They rise up to max throttle but it is impossible, after, to lower they down. Any idea to solve?

I’ll do this steps:

  1. Connect HolybroQAV250 with pixhawk4 mini
  2. QGC power tip and set calibrate
  3. arm switch pusched
  4. battery connected when asked
  5. sound started and , when all quit, qgc say that calibartion is compleate and i can remove the battery

Is your transmitter setup properly? Sounds like it might be a transmitter issue

Hi lelliotts20.
Yesterday i have redo step sequency in QGC to allow my Holybro 250 to take fly.

  1. ESC calibration succefully ! It is automatic and not need radio imput (radio off or on is equal)
  2. PID setted by model definition

After double check radio setting and flight mode i have tested quad.
QAV fly regularly, no issue now .

So it seems it was some issue during esc calibration,

I noticed that anyway, to check right motor range, it is needed to liftup drone (obviously without props) in order to allow Pix4 mini to feell the take off.

Now i can follow with further tests

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