Pixhawk suitability for 100kg drone

Hello everyone,
I have question regarding the suitability of pixhawk for heavy drones. Are pixhawk sensors rugged enough to fly heavy drones (100KG) or do i need to add external sensors.


Pixhawk is good enough if you tune it fine.

Or to put it another way, Pixhawk is capable of being used with very heavy drones. That has little to do with sensors (ie adding more will make little difference) and a lot to do with tuning for your airframe - the tuning you use for a very small airframe will not work for a very large airframe.

And of course great care is needed with any flying vehicle; even more so with something so large.

thanks fo the reply guys.
What exactly do you mean by tuning. Are you referring to PID tuning as it seems difficult to tune big drones.


PID tuning for the pitch and roll rates will be key. Regarding sensors, technically the pixhawk should work but I would highly recommend redundant sensors for something that big.

As far as tuning large drones goes, if you are doing a multicopter you can use a swing set to get it to a reasonably stable point without risking the drone. You can then fly it for real to get the tuning better.

Can you explain the “swing set” method you reference I have a tarot tx8000 that I need to tune.

Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvBA0cagbM8

I literally hang mine from the swing set in my backyard with the drone hanging from the top bar and the arms restrained by ropes going to the 4 legs of the swing set. Works very well.