Pixhawk/PX4 usage as AHRS logger

i am thinking about the idea to use the Pixhawk with a PX4 software stack as an AHRS system and data logger or telemetry system on a fixed wing aircraft. This could either be a large RC aircraft or as in my special case an aerobatic glider.
I do neither need RC control nor any autopilot functionality. I just would like to put a small lightweight system in my aircraft to get a high rate attitude and position log, which would allow me to analyse aerobatic manouvres after flight or possible transmit data online to ground using existing link systems. I am not looking for any function, that interfers with flight control.
It might mean, to just use the pixhawk sensor suite and the EKF part of PX4.

Can anyone provide guidance, how this idea could be accomplished?
Possibly just a configuration issue or do i have to think about modyfing the software stack?

Any idea is appreciated, thanks

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Yes, you can use a PX4 to just gather data off a drone / UAV as long as you fit a good comms radio link, SIK should be fine if you don’t need video.
I’ve been doing a similar thing with a new UAV which will end up with the new Pixhawk 5x flying it (one day!).
Currently I have it hooked up via a Herelink, two airspeed sensors, lidar and GPS, its feeding me Video and ‘HUD’ avionics data down to my ground station - I’m only using the sbus from the PX4 to the herelink air unit, no servos etc are connected - (they are all still directly on the RC Receiver).
I’m recording the video and flight data on a laptop for playback and also giving the the RC pilot data in his ear (airspeed / climb etc) while driving the camera platform with the Herelink.
It all works after turning off most of the flight safety checks etc, took a fair while of trial and error to get the GS app to stop with the messages and red stuff on the screens!

I’m currently over on the dark side and using Ardu for some tests as the PX4 5X seems to miss calibrate the airspeed sensors I’ve fitted (4-5m/s when it should be zero?) - but I’m probably going to use some more expensive CAN ones and go back to PX4.