Powering 6 ESCs from one port of PM07 power board

I’m mounting Holybro Pixhawk 4 in my F550 hexacopter. I have all ESC soldered to bottom centerplate and two main supply wires coming from it.

So I wonder if i can use this readymade connection and connect all 6 ESCs to one output port of PM07 powerboard (the way on the right on below image)?

Or have I to unsolder ESC from centerplate and connect it one by one to each output of PM07 like on the left?

Theoretically PM07 have 120A capacity and all motors draw approx. 90A at full throttle. So there is a safe margin.
But is this 120A rated for ex. 6 x 20A but not 1 x 120A or there is no different?

So, again to be clear, 6 ESCs to one output or each ESC to one output?

And if one ESC -> one output is better, can I mount them between centerplates, because I haven’t got extra wires to extend power supply cables? Will they interfer with the rest of the electronic? ESCs that I’m using are ZTW Spider 30A.

Thanks :slight_smile: .

I’m sure you know this by now, but for the record this works fine (I flew it just today!). I’m doing it myself on an F550, using just one power connection from the power board.

The power board looks like it only records total power, not power by motor (or by connection) so it should be reported the same either way.

You can mount the ESCs between centerplates, but it’s less good since it’s somewhat noisy (ESCs are electrically noisy) electronics near the magnetic compass, etc. and also ESCs like airflow, but it would probably work.

Good luck!