Pixhawk not charge acknowledgment message in Mission Planner (PX4v2 002E003133...)

Hi, Iā€™m new to the forum, I have a problem with my controller pixhawk flight a few days ago everything was fine until I added a radio control Turnigy i10 and upgrade to the latest version of planner mission, the problem is that my board not respond with another flight modes (lioter, althold, poshold, etc), only stabilize mode, in other modes do not respond levers roll and pitch, I have no control over the drone, it is very rare for that mission planner if he shows me answer the roll levers and pitch mode change but the flight did not.
Before, when switched from one flight mode to another buzzer he beeped, not now, just when I connect the battery to pixhawk makes its significant sound, another difference I found is that does not show messages recognition of card ā€œPX4v2 002E003133ā€¦ā€,Nor when in armed mode displays the message" Initializing APM "is there anyone who can help me solve this problem?